Quick Answer: Who Are We In We Are Not Afraid To Die If We Can All Be Together?

What is the moral of the story we are not afraid to die?

Answer: The most important lesson that we learn from such hazardous experiences, when we are face-to-face with death, is not to lose hope under any circumstances.

At times, life presents very dire situations but if one is optimistic about finding a solution and overcomes the odds, one will always be successful..

What happened on January 2 in Chapter We are not afraid to die?

Unfortunately, on January 2nd, at dawn the sea turned very unfriendly and there were great gigantic waves. Around 6 am, the sea turned very furious and a tremendous explosion threw the author form one wall to the other and the waves went very high tossing the ship very forcefully almost capsizing it.

Why were the electric pumps not working class 11?

Answer. Explanation: Electric pumps generate a lot of heat on their own, depending on design and use, excessive heat is by far the most common reason pumps fail. in fact, the main reason for the other four failures on this list is because they all generate excessive heat.

Who said we are not afraid to die if we can all be together?

Gordon Cook’s family and crewmen in a war with water and the waves for existence. In the month of July in the year 1976, the writer, his wife Mary, his son Jonathan and his daughter Suzanne set sail from Plymouth, in England to duplicate the round-the-world journey made 200 years ago by Captain James Cook.

What message does we are not afraid to die if we can all be together give?

Answer. The tile of the story “We are not afraid to die…if we can all be together.” is about the positive attitude and endurance shown by the courageous family of the author in the face of the storm that had endangered their survival.

Who is the narrator of We’re not afraid to die?

“We’re Not Afraid to Die… if We Can All Be Together”- Introduction of the Lesson. Written by Gordan Cook and Alan East, the story is about a 37 year old businessman who is the narrator of the story. He has a wife named Mary and two children, Jonathan, aged 6 and Suzanne, aged 7.

Where did they celebrate Christmas we are not afraid to die?

The voyagers celebrated Christmas in east of Cape Town.

How did they manage to throw out water from the ship?

With the starboard side bashed open, they were taking water with each wave that broke over them. … Somehow the narrator managed to stretch canvas and secure waterproof hatch covers across the gaping holes.

What injuries did sue sustain what does it reveal about her?

Sue had an alarmingly swollen head, two enormous black eyes and a deep cut on her arm. However, when asked why she hadn’t made more of her injuries earlier on, Sue replied that she had not wanted to worry her parents when their chief task was to save those on board.

Is we are not afraid to die a real story?

The story “We are not afraid to die” is connected to reality. In which a truly adventurous journey and description of true events occurred during that historic journey. … All his story is narration of a real journey. In the story “The Adventure”, the character of this story does not go on a real journey.

Who was Sue in we are not afraid to die?

Suzanne was narrator’s seven year old daughter. She was very brave. She was critically injured at the time the huge wave struck the boat. Her eyes were terribly swollen because of the head injury.

How does the story we are not afraid to die?

The story, ‘We’re Not afraid to Die-if We Can All Be Together’ is a story of extreme courage and skill exhibited by Gordon Cook, his family and crewmen in a war with water and waves for survival. … The family celebrated their new year on board the ship. At dawn on January 2, the waves were gigantic.

How did the narrator accept his approaching death and why was he still peaceful?

How did the narrator accept his ‘approaching death and why was he still peaceful’? The narrator saw a torrent of green and white water breaking over the ship. … He accepted his approaching death without murmuring. He felt quite peaceful even when death was approaching and Wavewalker was near capsizing.

What did the narrator do to repair the damage to the deck?

Answer. Answer: Narrator gave his best to save his family. He pumped out the water with the help of wheel, Herb and Larry. Every wave was pushing the water into the boat from the holes so the narrator covered the holes with canvas.

Who were Larry and Herb?

Larry Vigil was an American and Herb Seigler was a Swiss. They were both crewmen on the ship Wavewalker with the narrator and his family aboard. They helped him tackle the roughest water body ‘The Indian Ocean’.

Why did Jonathan ask for a hug?

Jonathan asked for a hug because his dad had found an island (ile Amsterdam). Jon calls his father the best daddy and captain in the world because he had found the island which was their only hope of survival. Jonathan asked for a hug because his dad had found an island (ile Amsterdam).

Which Sea is known as the world’s roughest seas Class 11?

southern Indian OceanAnswer: The narrator employed two crewmen—American Larry Vigil and Swiss Herb Seigler in order to help them tackle the southern Indian Ocean which is known as one of the roughest seas of the world.

What did John say that left the narrator speechless?

What did Jon say that left the narrator speechless? Answer: When the narrator tried to comfort and reassure the children, Jon said that they were not afraid of dying if all four of them could be together.

How did the first disaster strike the ship?

The stern of the Wavewalker met a gigantic wave with a fearful breaking crest. A tremendous explosion took place and water surged into the ship, the narrator’s head smashed into the wheel. He was thrown overboard and began to sink below the waves.

How does the story we are not afraid to die suggest that optimism helps to endure the direct stress?

Optimism is a determination to overcome difficulties. It raises one‟s spirits and helps one overcome stress and difficulty with ease. … Besides, the caricatures of him and Mary, drawn by Sue, helps his determination and optimism to grow many folds. The positive outlook of the children infuses positivity in the narrator.