Does Walmart Sell Peat Moss?

Where do you buy peat moss?

Walmart.comPeat Moss –

How much does peat moss cost?

Tip. One 3.8 cubic foot bale of peat moss will provide 1 inch of peat moss over a 90 square-foot area. To lay 2 inches of peat moss, you will need one 3.8 foot bale of peat moss for every 45 square feet of area. If you purchase uncompressed peat moss, figure the volume you require instead of calculating the area.

Does Home Depot sell peat moss?

Peat Moss-0262 – The Home Depot.

Does Tractor Supply sell peat moss?

Miracle-Gro Sphagnum Peat Moss 8 qt., 85278430 at Tractor Supply Co.

Why is peat moss bad?

Peatlands store a third of the world’s soil carbon, and their harvesting and use releases carbon dioxide, the major greenhouse gas driving climate change. The biggest environmental risk from peatlands is if they catch fire, which happened spectacularly in 2015 in Indonesia on land cleared for plantations.

Should I mix peat moss with soil?

Even though peat moss can hold water well up to 10 times of its weight and is a great supplement to the soil. … So when starting seeds with peat moss alone, be sure to get it moisture enough. Or it’s a good idea to mix it with soils and some other soilless media.

What can be used instead of peat moss?

Here are some suitable peat moss alternatives you can use instead:Woody materials. Wood-based materials such as wood fiber, sawdust or composted bark aren’t perfect peat moss alternatives, but they offer certain benefits, particularly when they’re made from byproducts of locally sourced wood. … Compost. … Coconut coir.

Can you put peat moss on lawn?

Peat moss can hold up to 20 times its dry weight in water, so applying a layer of peat moss a top dressing on your lawn can help it recover because it acts like a sponge. The peat moss absorbs the water, and the grass that is in contact with the wet peat moss layer will absorb some of that moisture as well.

How many square feet does a bag of peat moss cover?

One cubic foot bale of peat moss covers 24 square feet of garden at a depth of one inch. A 2.2 cubic foot bale covers 50 square feet one inch deep.

What is the best peat moss?

Horticulture grade. Horticulture grade, also called medium/coarse grade peat moss, is the most popular, widely used grade of peat moss. It is a blended peat from H1-H3 grades and has a fibrous consistency that provides a high degree of water retention and air porosity to help promote plant root development.

Does Lowes carry peat moss?

Premier Premier Peat Moss 3-cu ft Organic Peat Moss Moisture Control in the Soil Amendments department at